Mission Compassion Paw (MCP) is a nonprofit dog rescue and humanitarian organization, uses the international language of art to imprint compassion for animals into urban youth culture.

MCP provides safety, nourishment to the mind, body and soul, medical care and ultimately loving, forever homes to dogs in need. Every dog deserves to have their existence acknowledged, their personality shine and their heart breath. MCP teamwork brings life, light and love to the ones that everyone may not be able to hear or understand. The stance isn't speaking for them but speaking with them in ways they will be heard. 

MCP establishes collaborative efforts between artists and our youth with a strong focus on preventive measures by creating compassion for animals. Compassion can be strengthened through targeted exercises and practice. Encouraging cooperation and creating reminders of connectedness cultivates compassion. Decades of evidence show that a young individual’s attitude towards animals can predict future behavior as animal cruelty is a warning sign for at risk youth. Studies not only have drawn links between the animal cruelty during youth to violence against people in adulthood but also that compassion can improve health, self value, over all well-being and strengthen relationships.

Everything is connected. Through the process of creation, not only encouragement of compassion and education of the humane treatment of animals is instilled but also the power of uniting as one. 

One Fight. One Love.